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Oppo’s new smartwatch looks just like the Apple Watch

Oppo’s new smartwatch looks just like the Apple Watch


The company will share more about the Oppo Watch on March 6th

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Oppo has given us its best look yet at its upcoming smartwatch on the way — and it looks almost exactly like an Apple Watch.

The new watch will be called the Oppo Watch, and more will be announced about it on March 6th at the company’s Oppo Find X2 launch event, according to a tweet the company posted on Monday.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the device, including price or many of its features, but there are a few things we can speculate about from this one image. It looks like you can use the watch to make and receive calls. And if you look at the watch on the right, it looks like there’s an option to send a message to the caller if you aren’t able to take their call.

The watches themselves also look slightly different than the Apple Watch. While the body of the Oppo Watch appears to be pretty similar in shape to the Apple Watch, there’s no knob that could function like the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown — instead, the Oppo Watch has a second and larger button similar to other WearOS devices. The watch on the left also comes in a nice blue color, which isn’t an option for the Apple Watch. And the bands look a little different than those you can get for Apple’s wearable.

Oppo has been more forthright about design details in the lead up to the official announcement. For instance, the Oppo Watch will apparently have a curved screen and “3D glass,” according to a February 17th tweet from Oppo exec Brian Shen:

Shen also reportedly shared another image of the watch on Weibo on January 30th. It gives a better look at that second top button and reveals a microphone and an interesting green line on the bottom button:

Image: Weibo

You can see a bit more of the Oppo Watch’s curved screen in what appears to be a leaked image of the Oppo Watch shared on Weibo on February 25th. According to Google Translate, this Weibo post says the Oppo Watch is an “Android system,” so perhaps it runs Google’s wearOS:

Image: Weibo

Oppo’s event takes place on March 6th at 4:30AM ET, so we won’t have to wait long to learn more about the Oppo Watch.