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The Verge Guide to Working from Home 2021

How to work from home productively and comfortably

It’s difficult to try to keep things normal when the situation isn’t normal — especially during global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. One of those things includes adjusting our jobs to working from home, when we’re used to going into the office every day.

In these days of video conferencing, texting, and file sharing, it is thankfully possible for many people to move their workdays to home. In fact, remote working has been a part of many peoples’ lives for years, so while the adjustment can feel difficult, it isn’t impossible.

We’re taking the tech expertise of our staff, and the experience of many of our writers and editors, to put together tips and advice on working from home. This includes both general information on working from home, dealing with video conferencing, and finding a good standing desk, but also quick tips on how to use Zoom to hide your messy room and how playing a soothing animal video in the background can keep you centered.

We’ll continue to add to this guide in order to bring you as much information on working at home as possible. Stay tuned — and stay safe!