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Reddit’s new polls will let you vote on basically anything

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Available starting today

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Reddit has rolled out a new post type, polls, which lets you ask questions and vote on pretty much anything. Polls can offer up to six answers, be kept open for up to a week, and subreddit moderators can turn them off if desired. You create them like you would any other post type.

Reddit says it was motivated to create the feature because people have been making polls on the service for years using third-party services. In an average month, it says that 15,000 polls are created across the entire site. Now, the process will hopefully be a lot easier since these can be made natively on Reddit.

Polls are created like any other post, and support up to six answers.
Image: Reddit

For an idea of what the new post type looks like, check out this post in the NFL subreddit from earlier this year in which users were asked which team they expected to win the Super Bowl. Over 9,000 users voted, incorrectly predicting a victory for the 49ers.

The new feature is on by default starting today and is supported in all subreddits aside from text-only communities like r/AskReddit.