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OnePlus phones are finally getting always-on displays

OnePlus phones are finally getting always-on displays


The company is listening to its fans

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OnePlus fans have been demanding always-on displays for years, and the manufacturer has finally caved in. OnePlus announced on Twitter today that the feature is “on our roadmap.”

The always-on display was the most popular idea submitted to OnePlus’ Ideas portal, receiving more than 999 likes. The portal allows users to submit suggestions for new software features and offers rewards for submissions that the company decides to implement.

If you own a recent OnePlus model, you likely won’t have to wait for new hardware to get this feature; it will be included in a future build of OxygenOS, OnePlus’ exclusive Android-based operating system. But it won’t come without a cost: an always-on display requires a lot of power, and strong battery life is currently one of the main attractions of OnePlus phones. OnePlus will need to figure out how to introduce the function without decimating your phone’s battery — so it may be a while.

The company wrote in a comment on the Ideas portal that it is “working on fine-tuning AOD to make sure it is perfectly optimized.”