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The Verge guide to the 2020 election

The 2020 presidential election is going to kick off a firestorm of change for our country and the networks that connect us all. The internet and information economy is at an inflection point: the disruptors are no longer upstarts, but they have become the new giants in every sense of the word. Those giants often operate in fields where there is little regulation to protect consumers, like data and advertising, or bump up against the authority of the government in uncomfortable ways, like law enforcement and encryption.

At The Verge, we’ve always paid attention to how seemingly simple things like broadband access are deeply connected to complicated tech policy debates, and we’ve been closely watching the collision between social networks and democracy. (Casey Newton has been writing a daily newsletter called The Interface tracking that subject since 2017.) 

So for the 2020 election cycle, we want to give you a central place to learn about the main tech policy issues we’re following, see the latest news, and feel like you have a guide through it all. We’ll be focused on a few main areas: speech and moderation on internet platforms; data and privacy; broadband access; antitrust and corporate behavior; and climate change.

Why we’re covering the 2020 election

Everything you need to know about Section 230