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MLB will stream classic games online for fans waiting out the delayed regular season

Streaming every night at 7PM ET on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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Baseball season might be indefinitely delayed, but MLB is doing its best to fill the baseball-shaped hole in fans’ hearts with a new “MLB At Home” initiative that will see classic games and events, like the Home Run Derby, streamed nightly on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

MLB already started streaming games last week for its “Opening Day At Home,” where it broadcast 30 games (featuring a momentous victory for each of the 30 MLB teams) to mark the missed start of the 2020 season. The new effort is effectively a continuation of that, as well as an effort to try to bring back some semblance of normal scheduling and give fans a regularly scheduled game to look forward to.

The MLB At Home streams begin tonight, March 30th, at 7PM ET with a broadcast of the 2019 T-Mobile Home Run Derby from Cleveland. The full schedule for the coming week can be seen in the image below, too.

MLB will continue to announce streaming schedules on a weekly basis, with plans to devote days to “special categories including dominant pitching performances, wild walk-offs/unlikely comebacks and Postseason classics.”