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Spotify is bringing its kids app to the US, Canada, and France

Spotify is bringing its kids app to the US, Canada, and France


Just as kids are stuck at home because of the pandemic

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Spotify’s expanding the rollout of its kids app, just as more kids are at home with nothing to do. The company announced that it’s bringing Spotify Kids to the US, Canada, and France today. The ad-free iOS / Android app is only available to Spotify Premium Family subscribers and features content appropriate for kids ages three and older. Spotify first launched the app in Ireland in October, and since then, it’s made multiple product adjustments, although the app is still considered to be in beta.

In the five months since launching, Spotify says the app now has more than 8,000 songs in its catalog, an increase of 30 percent, and 50 percent of that content is localized. The app also features 60 hours of audiobooks and stories, as well as more bedtime content, like lullabies, calming music and sounds, and bedtime stories. In the US, kids will have access to 125 playlists, including themes like Spanish-language, country, Christian, Motown, and a soul dance party, as well as playlists tied to cultural moments like the Trolls World Tour.