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One way to grow a dating app? Pay people to go on a date

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Hinge will pay you $100 to go on a date this weekend


Hinge is going to give people in the US a $100 Visa online gift card to go on date, a decision that’ll presumably encourage them to schedule plans while also helping the company market itself and grow. The dating app previously partnered with bars to give its daters discounts, but this is the first time the company has given people what essentially amounts to cash. The company has $25,000, or enough money for 250 daters, set aside for the promotion.

To qualify, Hinge users have to pause their accounts from 4PM ET on Friday, March 6th until 4PM ET on Saturday, March 7th. (This is when the date should take place, according to Hinge.) After reactivating, people have to click on their date’s profile and select that they “met,” which tells the app that they met in-person and prompts it to ask whether this is the type of person this dater would want to see again. (Both daters can do this.) Then, they have to go to and fill out a form that includes their name, email associated with their account, and a brief description of the date. Once verified, Hinge says they’ll receive an email with a $100 Visa gift card code. The funds are first come, first served, so activate your account as soon as 4PM ET on Saturday rolls around.

This a wild promotional campaign that I’m sure will get users’ attention. A hundred dollars is a decent amount of cash, and most apps don’t offer even this one-time stunt. Hinge, which is owned by Match Group, has become a focal point for the company. It acquired the app in 2018 and has since talked about it numerous times on its earnings calls. The team is looking to keep growing and monetizing, and one way to get people to check it out is the promise of cash in exchange for a date.

Correction 3/4, 10:11 AM ET: This article originally stated that Hinge’s $25,000 allotment was enough to cover 2,500 daters, but it’s actually 250. We regret the error.