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Samsung now makes ultra-curved monitors for offices as well as gamers

Samsung now makes ultra-curved monitors for offices as well as gamers


These new 1000R models will look a little more subtle on your desk

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Samsung’s big monitor push at CES this year was all about curvature. The 1000R measurement of its Odyssey G9 and G7 gaming monitors is intended to more accurately match the human eye’s field of view. I tried out the colossal 49-inch G9 and it did indeed feel like the screen was wrapped around me, even though for some reason Samsung decided to demo it with the 16:9-only Overwatch.

But these panels don’t only have to be good for gaming — I could see them making a big difference to productivity, too. The problem is that the Odyssey models look like they were assembled with repurposed components from a starship hyperdrive.

Could you get away with this in your office?

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Maybe not.

That’s probably why Samsung is now expanding its 1000R range to include more austere designs. As noted by SamMobile, the T55 range comes in 24, 27, and 32-inch sizes, all with FreeSync-compatible 75Hz 1080p VA displays. They also have a fabric texture on the back panel, thin bezels, and a slim metal base.

Unfortunately, that means that while these monitors might look good on your desk, they’re not going to offer anything near the resolution or real estate of the Odyssey models. Samsung says the 1000R curvature still helps reduce eye strain, which is obviously a consideration for office workers, but the difference isn’t going to be as dramatic on smaller 16:9 panels.

Still, this is a sign that Samsung is serious about this whole 1000R thing, and maybe we’ll see some more tasteful ultrawide models split the difference at some point soon. Pricing and availability for the T55 range hasn’t yet been announced.