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Logitech G says this app will improve gaming audio if you take a picture of your ear

Logitech G says this app will improve gaming audio if you take a picture of your ear


I like the sound of that

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Photo: Logitech

Logitech G is launching support for a new app that lets you customize your gaming audio for better immersion. The app is supposed to let you hear game sounds like large-scale battles, nearby footsteps, or racing sounds on a race track more clearly. 

The new app is called Immerse and was made by Embody, a spatial audio company, in partnership with Logitech G. Embody says on its website that Immerse was designed to let PC gamers “hear game audio as you hear sounds in the real world,” and make sounds appear to be closer or farther away from you.

An app that lets you “hear game audio as you hear sounds in the real world”

The Immerse app uses AI to create a personalized sound profile for each user. When you sign up for the app, Immerse requires you to scan a QR code and then take a picture of your right ear using your smartphone. Immerse’s AI then uses algorithms to analyze all of the parts of your ear to predict how your ears receive sound. 

The Immerse app is a paid subscription service, with subscriptions starting at $3 per month in addition to a free trial period that lasts two weeks. I played a little bit of the Resident Evil 2 remake using my Logitech G433 headset with the app’s “Close Combat” mode enabled; this allowed me to hear more precisely where enemies were and take in the groans of the undead. Then I tested out Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition with an expanded sound field, allowing me to hear smaller sounds from a farther distance, such as enemies roaming the environment. 

The Immerse app supports more than a dozen Logitech G headsets, including the G Pro X and Pro gaming headsets as well as the Logitech G533, which we noted was a “PC gamer’s dream headset” during our CES 2017 coverage. 

In addition to Logitech, Immerse also offers support for headsets made by Beyerdynamic. So, there is a possibility that Embody will team up with other headset companies to provide more accessibility to its customized in-game audio in the future.