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NBA 2K20 added a Make-A-Wish kid as a playable character

NBA 2K20 added a Make-A-Wish kid as a playable character


He’s the series’s first non-NBA athlete

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2K Games has added a 15-year-old Make-A-Wish recipient as a playable athlete in NBA 2K20, making him the first non-NBA athlete in the series’s history (via Engadget).

To add him to the game, 2K gave the kid, William Floyd, the same treatment as any other NBA athlete, including a full session in the company’s motion-capture studio, according to a press release:

Much like today’s biggest NBA stars, William’s NBA 2K experience began at the 2K Motion Capture Studio, where 140 motion capture cameras caught his every move. William then had his likeness recreated in incredible detail by 146 Pixelgun cameras, each capturing every grimace and grin, and all to help authentically bring his player model to life.

We’ve embedded a video of Floyd’s trip to 2K at the top of this post, and I recommend that you watch it. The video includes footage of Floyd in the game, and what 2K did with his likeness is pretty remarkable. He fits as well as the rest of the more recognizable NBA stars. It’s awesome.

2K says you can download Floyd as a playable athlete now in NBA 2K20 where he’ll be a free agent you can pick up for your team.