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OnePlus turns to its customers for new software feature suggestions

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You have until April 30th to submit ideas

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OnePlus has announced a new initiative to let OnePlus customers and fans submit suggestions for new software features. Called IDEAS, the initiative will offer rewards for submissions that get a high number of likes, with the best reserved for those that OnePlus decides to actually implement. Users have until April 30th to submit their proposals.

To submit a suggestion, you need to make a OnePlus Community account and then click the “Submit idea” button at the top of the IDEAS page. That will open a form that lets you select a label for what your idea is about (Launcher, Zen Mode, or Weather, for example), enter a title for your idea, and fill in details about your idea in a text box.

You can look at the ideas that have already been submitted here. Each post has a like button, and you can also leave comments. OnePlus says it will review and reply to the top five most-liked ideas every two weeks, and the authors of those ideas will get a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 headphones. If OnePlus decides to implement one of those ideas, the company says it will fly the author out to an upcoming OnePlus event.

Right now, some of the most-liked ideas are an always-on display, a way to toggle features with the alert slider, and a study mode that can block certain games and mute social media apps but keep the screen on so users can do things like read class materials.