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Google will lose its John Legend Google Assistant voice on March 23rd

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Death of a Legend

If you’ve gotten used to ordering around John Legend (or his voice, at least) as your Google Assistant, be prepared for a loss: Google has announced that it will discontinue the celebrity cameo voice on March 23rd. Google added the singer’s voice to its roster of available Google Assistant voices at Google I/O last April. It previously noted that the feature would run for limited time, but the company never specified how long it would last. (Disclaimer: John Legend is a Vox Media board member.)

John Legend’s cameo came with its own set of personality-specific Easter eggs. You’ll get him crooning if you ask him to sing you “Happy Birthday” or if you ask about Chrissy Teigen, his equally famous wife.

For now, if you really want a celebrity voice as your Google Assistant over the standard selections, Google will continue to offer comedian Issa Rae as an option. But don’t fall in love because it’s likely that her voice get axed from Assistant sometime in the near future as well.