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Spotify’s redesigned homepage makes your favorites easier to access

Spotify’s redesigned homepage makes your favorites easier to access


And it greets you with a ‘good morning’

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Image: Spotify

Spotify recently announced a new look for navigation on its iOS app, and now it’s changing things up with the home screen. Starting today, all Spotify users will see a redesigned interface when they open both the mobile and tablet versions of the app.

Now, the homepage has a dedicated space at the top of the screen for your most-played content. There are six slots, which will be a mix of playlists, podcasts, and albums. Below that is the “made for you” section with recommendations based on your listening history. Here, Spotify will serve up your top podcasts, customized playlists, and new things to listen to based on what you’ve liked in the past.

The Spotify home screen will also now greet you with a “Good morning” message at the top of the screen. Through the day, that message changes to “Good afternoon” and then “Good evening.” The content served up on the home screen will change through the day, though Spotify doesn’t give much detail on how that will work.

Spotify says the point of the redesign is to prioritize the stuff you love the most and make it easy to access. These changes will be rolling out to all Spotify users starting today.