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Robinhood experienced its third outage in a week as US stocks have plummeted

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The app also had outages last Monday and Tuesday

Image: Robinhood

Stock trading app Robinhood experienced its third outage in a week as US stocks plummeted on Monday. (The fall was so bad that the stock exchange actually stopped trading for 15 minutes, which is automatically done during significant stock market drops to prevent free fall.) The issues lasted for more than five hours.

Robinhood first tweeted that trading was down at 10:06AM ET. The company tells The Verge that trading was partially restored by 10:25AM ET and everything was fully operational by 3:30PM ET.

“This morning, trading on our platform was temporarily unavailable,” the company said in a statement to The Verge. “We know this interruption was frustrating for our customers — especially after last week and on a day that trading was halted market-wide. Our platform is now fully operational and we’re working hard to improve our service during these historic and volatile market conditions.”

Last week’s outages were caused by “stress on our infrastructure,” Robinhood co-founders and co-CEOs Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenev said in a blog post published last Tuesday evening. The company doesn’t believe today’s issues were related to last week’s, Robinhood tells The Verge.

Last week’s first outage took place from around 9:30AM ET on Monday, March 2nd, until around 2AM ET on Tuesday, March 3rd. The second outage was much shorter. The company first tweeted about it at 10:11AM ET on Tuesday, March 3rd, and said at 11:54AM ET that the service had been fully restored.

Update March 9th, 8:06PM ET: Updated with context from Robinhood.