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This tiny AirPods bag lets you carry your headphones like Rihanna

This tiny AirPods bag lets you carry your headphones like Rihanna


Admit it: there’s a part of you that wants this

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Image: Twelve South

Y’all, I can’t even. Just look at this thing:

Image: Twelve South

It looks like your typical purse, right? Except...

Image: Twelve South

What we have here is a tiny leather handbag from Twelve South designed for absolutely no other purpose than to carry your AirPods. It’s a limited edition release in honor of (sigh) April Fools’ Day, and there are 671 units left at the time of this writing. It’s called the AirBag, and it’s my absolute favorite thing ever.

“But!” the haters are probably objecting. “Who on earth would actually buy such an impractical and clearly overpriced object?” The answer to that question, haters, is Rihanna. The singer was spotted rocking a $1,000 tiny Delvaux purse last fall (from a collection called “Les Miniatures Big Apple” if you’re curious). Just check it out. It’s an aesthetic. Don’t you want a Rihanna aesthetic?

I’m telling you all: astronomically tiny purses are the next big thing. Lizzo also carted one to the American Music Awards. Hers was a Valentino creation, and apparently there are only three in the entire world. When asked what her bag contained, the singer replied, “I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms.”

So there you have it, y’all. Lizzo is now carrying her hygiene products in one of these luxurious miniature handbags. Don’t your AirPods deserve one, too?

I know, I know. The AirBag probably isn’t worth $49. But think about how much you spent on those AirPods. They deserve to travel in style. Plus, you only have so many hands in which to hold the case, and you don’t need to take your big purse with you if you’re just going out for a walk. Can you really put a price on that convenience? (Well, apparently Twelve South can.)

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