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Apple Card holders can skip April payments without accruing interest

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You’ll need to enroll in its Customer Assistance Program

Image: Apple

Apple and Goldman Sachs have allowed Apple Card users to defer their March 2020 credit payments due to the financial impact that the coronavirus is having on many people. According to Bloomberg, Apple has extended the grace period through April, letting its cardholders defer the payment this month.

There’s one simple step to take in order to be eligible. Just open the Wallet app on your iPhone, then message a support representative and request to be enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program.

The company notes in the email sent to Apple Card users that those who enrolled in the Customer Assistance Program to defer their March payments will need to do so again for their April payments in order to avoid building up interest. And since this pandemic unfortunately shows no sign of slowing down, we’ll have to wait and see if it continues the promotion for May.