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You can watch Quibi’s reboot of Punk’d in Fortnite

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If you want

The newly launched Quibi is a streaming service with shows meant to be watched in short bursts wherever you are — and, today at least, that includes inside of Fortnite. Today sees a limited time promotion where the Quibi reboot of the prank show Punk’d, hosted by Chance the Rapper, will be airing hourly at Risky Reels, the drive-in theater on Fortnite’s island. (Though it doesn’t appear that you can rotate the screen, a core feature of Quibi.)

It’s a strange bit of cross-promotion, but it’s also something that’s becoming common in Fortnite. Back in December, J.J. Abrams stopped by in-game to show off a clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and there have been other promotions for everything from Birds of Prey to Borderlands. Currently, the game is in the midst of a Deadpool takeover.

The Quibi event is only expected to last for the day. There’s currently no word on whether a Chance skin will follow.