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Samsung finally killing off S Voice assistant as of June 1

The voice assistant created in Siri’s image never caught on

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Later this year Samsung will finally kill off its S Voice assistant, which never really caught up to Apple’s Siri. A note on Samsung’s support page says S Voice will no longer be available from June 1, as first reported by SamMobile.

Samsung’s first attempt at a voice assistant, S Voice was introduced in 2012 in the Galaxy S III, but was buggy and slow. As 9to5 Google notes, S Voice could set reminders and make calls but wasn’t able to answer user questions in a conversational way, like Siri and Google Assistant are designed to do.

Samsung essentially replaced S Voice with Bixby in phones starting with the Galaxy S8 (although Bixby itself hasn’t exactly impressed reviewers from The Verge over its lifespan, either). A few of Samsung’s wearables still have S Voice; the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Active have Bixby upgrades available and a similar upgrade will be provided to Gear S3 and Gear Sport after June 1, according to Samsung.