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Razer’s Pikachu earbuds come in a pokéball case for all your charging needs

Beats the boring pair you already have

Razer is selling wireless earbuds perfect for Pokémon fans. In addition to Pikachu-stamped yellow buds, the set comes with a charging case shaped like a pokéball. They’ll be launching in China for roughly $120 on April 16th.

Razer’s earbuds, spotted by Gizmodo, will last for about three hours per charge. That’s not very good battery life, but at least the case offers up to five recharges. The earbuds are outfitted with a 13mm driver for your bass needs. While they may not be the most powerful earbuds you can buy, they do offer more flair than the typical pair.

Honestly? The carrying case is the real selling point here. Who doesn’t want to carry around a cute little pokéball in their bag?

Don’t answer that.