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This AirPods charger is for anyone who really, really hates wires

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Satechi’s wireless charger plugs into your MacBook or iPad Pro

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You plug the wireless charger into a spare USB-C port, and place your AirPods case on it for wireless charging.
Image: Satechi

Wire-haters of the world, rejoice! Satechi’s latest wireless charger offers a completely cable-free way to charge your Apple AirPods. The small dock, or the “USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple AirPods” to use its full name, is just big enough for the headphones’ wireless charging case. It gets power via a built-in USB-C jack that lets you plug it directly into the side of a MacBook, iPad Pro, or other USB-C device.

The result is a super compact charging solution for your AirPods or AirPods Pro, so long as you have a model with a wireless charging case. Just be careful to unplug it before you move your laptop around; otherwise, it looks like a pretty convenient lever to break a USB-C port.

The pad is just big enough to hold an AirPods case.
Image: Satechi
It also works on the iPad Pro.
Image: Satechi

The USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple AirPods is available now to preorder for $29.99 (or $5 less by entering “AIRPODS” at checkout until April 20th), and Satechi expects the device to start shipping next month.