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Charter customers who pay for HBO will get HBO Max free when it launches next month

Charter customers who pay for HBO will get HBO Max free when it launches next month


Still no official launch date

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Customers who currently subscribe to HBO through Charter, including those who pay for Charter’s Silver and Gold video packages, will get access to WarnerMedia’s new HBO Max streaming service when it launches next month.

All of Charter’s current HBO subscribers will automatically get access to HBO Max for no additional charge, “and with no action required other than signing into the HBO Max app,” according to a press release issued by WarnerMedia today. Other Charter customers will also be able to purchase HBO Max directly from the cable and internet provider. Much like how current HBO subscribers have access to HBO Go, Max is an upgrade for those already with HBO.

“This new premium streaming experience will be a welcome addition to Spectrum subscribers; we will offer HBO Max on a multitude of platforms for purchase by our video, broadband and mobile customers alike,” said Tom Montemagno, Charter’s executive vice president of programming acquisition.

Back in October when AT&T and WarnerMedia executives spoke about the direct-to-consumer streaming platform, they stressed the importance of partnering with different carriers to ensure HBO Max is available to as many customers as possible. Charter is one of the United States’ second biggest cable provider, alongside AT&T and Comcast — which launched the first wave of its own streaming service, Peacock, today.

AT&T will use its own network to try to migrate people over to the app, too. Existing HBO subscribers on AT&T (approximately 10 million) and HBO Now direct billing subscribers will get HBO Max for free. Customers who subscribe to AT&T’s premium video, mobile, and broadband packages will be offered bundles at launch with HBO Max at no additional cost. AT&T also worked out a deal with YouTube to ensure that HBO Max will be offered via YouTube TV. AT&T estimates that HBO Max will have 50 million subscribers in the United States by 2024.

Being able to give Max to as many paying subscribers as possible is crucial, especially when the cost of Max is considered. HBO Max is one of the most expensive streaming services on the market, coming in at $14.99 a month. That’s the same price as what customers pay for the network via their cable packages, as well as the price of HBO’s current standalone streaming app, HBO Now. HBO Max will combine all of HBO’s offerings with a slew of original titles (although some, like the Friends reunion special, are facing delays following production issues caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic), Warner Bros. movies, and more.

HBO Max is set to launch in May. No official date has been announced at this time.