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Getty now has an Animal Crossing: New Horizons art generator

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Three easy steps for your art needs

Custom art is a point of pride for many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. With a little artistic ability, players can create everything from clothing to elaborate floor tiles unique to their game. For the rest of us who lack any real artistic flair, Getty created an art generator to make the process a little easier.

Famous paintings used to be a staple of Animal Crossing’s museums; players could donate them to spruce up their islands’ culture. But in New Horizons, resident curator Blathers is exclusively interested in only collecting fossils and bugs (as much as he finds them to be gross which, frankly, I respect).

By searching through Getty’s open-access collection or using its image tools, players can easily grab famous art for their game and port it over via QR code. There are step-by-step instructions over on its site to ease you through the whole process. Now is the time to house your very own Mona Lisa.

Correction: An earlier version of this article referred to the source of the art generation as Getty Images. It is in fact from the Getty trust for visual art. We regret the error.