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Gigabyte’s latest gaming laptop supports Intel’s most powerful 10th Gen Core i9 processor yet

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Updates to both its gaming and creator-focused lineups

Image: Gigabyte

Gigabyte has introduced three new versions of its Aorus gaming laptops: the Aorus 15G, 17G, and 17X. Each features the newly announced Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake H-series processors, and you’ll be able to choose between the eight-core Intel Core i7-10875H and the high-end Intel Core i9-10980HK. These are also Gigabyte’s first gaming laptops to include Nvidia’s new RTX 20-series Super mobile graphics chips, and they’re configurable to feature the RTX 2080 Super Max-Q chip.

Additionally, each of these machines comes standard with Omron mechanical keyboards and displays with a 240Hz refresh rate. Each of these laptops looks a bit different. While the 15G and 17G look like they might be able to blend in with a pack of sleek ultrabooks, the 17X (above) looks like a big glowing gaming rig.

The Aorus 15G and 17G share a minimalist design, which doesn’t stick out as much as the 17X.
Image: Gigabyte

Unfortunately, they all feature “nostril cams” — i.e., webcams that are built near the hinge and don’t offer a flattering view of your face. Pricing for the 15G starts at $1,699, and the 17G starts at $100 more. The high-end 17X starts at $2,399. They’ll be available starting on April 15th.

The OLED version of the Aero 15.
Image: Gigabyte

Gigabyte’s 2020 iterations of the Aero creator-focused laptops are also getting the new Intel i7 and i9 processors and Nvidia RTX 20-series Super graphics chips. The new Aero laptops (available in 15- and 17-inch models) start at $1,599 and $1,699, respectively, and will ship with 1080p displays and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti by default. The 15-inch model has the option to be upgraded to an OLED screen starting at $1,899, with optional support for 4K HDR resolution. The 17-inch version’s display can also be upgraded to support 4K HDR, though Gigabyte’s press release doesn’t specify if it’s OLED. That one costs $2,299 to start.

Each of these new Aero machines offers Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, and a UHS-II SD card reader. While they’re geared toward content creators, the aforementioned new CPU and GPU specs, as well as a 144Hz refresh rate display, mean they’ll be able to handle games nicely. The configurations shipping with 1080p displays have six-core Intel Core i7-10750H, and opting for an upgraded screen opens up the CPU options to those available for the Aorus series above. These will also be available on April 15th. And like the new Aorus machines, these feature webcams near the hinge, which isn’t a great placement.

The Gigabyte Aorus 5.
Image: Gigabyte

If you’re looking for something more affordable in the gaming department, the updated Aorus 5 and Aorus 7 start at $1,299 and $1,399, respectively. These machines feature the Intel Core i7-10750H, and at the lowest cost, they ship with Nvidia’s GTX 1650 Ti graphics, with support up to the RTX 2060 if you want to spend more. Given the cheaper prices, these are a bit stripped down in terms of features compared to the new Aorus entries above. They don’t have a mechanical keyboard built in, nor do they have 240Hz refresh rate displays. Instead, these use displays with a 144Hz refresh rate, which is still plenty fast. These are expected to release in late April.