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Google is shutting down its crowdsourced Q&A app Neighbourly in May

Google is shutting down its crowdsourced Q&A app Neighbourly in May


Another entry in the Google graveyard

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Image: Google

Google has added another entry to its long list of discontinued products on Thursday with the planned shutdown of Neighbourly, its short-lived crowdsourced Q&A platform. The service will go dark on May 12th.

Neighbourly was launched in May 2018 to help gather together local knowledge for cities and neighborhoods within those cities, kind of like a cross between Nextdoor and Quora. But Google says it just didn’t really take off.

“We launched Neighbourly as a Beta app to connect you with your neighbours and make sharing local information more human and helpful. As a community, you’ve come together to celebrate local festivals, shared crucial information during floods, and answered over a million questions. But the app hasn’t grown like we had hoped,” reads the company’s explanation. “In these difficult times, we believe that we can help more people by focusing on other Google apps that are already serving millions of people everyday.”

Google says it plans to take the lessons learned from Neighbourly and use them to improve its other products. It’s also steering current users to its Google Maps Local Guides platform to “keep sharing your local knowledge.” If you need to download your data, Google is advising you use its Takeout tool any time before October 12th, 2020.