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Netflix adds a ‘screen lock’ feature to prevent accidental pauses

Netflix adds a ‘screen lock’ feature to prevent accidental pauses


Save yourself frustration by locking your screen

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It can be frustrating to accidentally tap a button and mess up playback when watching Netflix on your phone. Thankfully, Netflix is rolling out a new feature for Android devices that tries to prevent that.

This new feature, which 9to5Google spotted, lets Android users avoid accidental touches when using the Netflix mobile app. A “screen lock” option will now appear at the bottom of your screen after you start watching a TV show or movie. Enabling screen lock will stop the button prompts, such as the “Play/Pause” buttons, from appearing, helping to prevent you from stopping playback or accidentally enabling subtitles. If you want to disable the feature, tap your screen and an “unlock” prompt will appear you’ll need to tap twice.  

Android system gestures, like swiping to go back, still work when the feature is enabled, however, so it’s not entirely foolproof.  Though if you are someone that moves around a lot while you watch, or you have a young kid watching, this feature could prove to be a valuable tool in ensuring the show plays straight through.