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Peloton will resume live classes from instructors’ homes after finally closing its studios

Studios were open until an employee tested positive for COVID-19 on April 3rd

Peloton today announced that it will resume live workout classes after finally closing its studios on April 3rd when an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Classes will now be streaming from the instructors’ homes — a format that many Peloton members had requested shortly after cities across the United States began shutting down nonessential businesses.

Classes will pick up again on the Peloton app, bike, and treadmill beginning on April 22nd and will span cycling, running, strength training, and yoga. Users can expect between two to three new live classes daily; the schedule currently focuses on morning classes, but the company promises to resume live evening “prime time” classes in the coming weeks.

In the days after US cities began closing nonessential businesses, Peloton was the only smart fitness company that continued filming and streaming live classes from a closed set in New York City. Fitness companies like SoulCycle and FightCamp had been slowly releasing pre-taped content that was in post-production, while some instructors streamed classes on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Tonal also began allowing coaches to film workouts from home and upload those videos onto the hardware itself.

Peloton initially said its New York and London studios would be closed from live class production until April 30th, but this new format may prove to be the company’s new norm until cities are able to safely reopen under their states’ orders.