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Browser maker Vivaldi now has a built-in tracker blocker that uses DuckDuckGo tech

Browser maker Vivaldi now has a built-in tracker blocker that uses DuckDuckGo tech


Vivaldi’s Android app is also leaving beta

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Vivaldi is launching the 3.0 version of its browser, and it includes an integrated tracker blocker made in partnership with DuckDuckGo. The company’s Android version of its browser is also leaving beta.

The new tracker blocker in Vivaldi uses the same blocklist as DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Essentials browser extension. Announced in March, that blocklist is based on data from DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar, which regularly crawls the web to identify new trackers to block.

The new tracker blocker incorporates DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar-powered blocklist

Vivaldi is also adding a built-in ad-blocker in version 3.0, but it will be disabled by default. The browser already let you block ads that were misleading or contained malware by flipping on a setting in Vivaldi.

You can adjust the settings for both the tracker blocker and the ad-blocker by clicking the shield icon in the address bar.

Image: Vivaldi

Vivaldi is also officially launching the first version of its Android app, which has been available in beta since September. The Android app offers a lot of Vivaldi features that desktop users will be familiar with, including Speed Dials, which are customized grids of bookmarks, and notes saved right in the browser. The Android app also includes the tracker blocker that Vivaldi is announcing today, according to the company.

Vivaldi says the Android app will work on Android phones with Android Lollipop or newer.

If you want to learn more about Vivaldi’s other privacy features, such as how to block cookies or how to block harmful ads, make sure to check out our guide.