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Musicians can now link out to their own fundraisers on their Spotify landing pages

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Or to any relief program


Spotify is now giving musicians the ability to highlight their fundraising efforts right on their dedicated artist landing pages. The company is launching its Artist Fundraising Pick feature that allows musicians to select a fundraising destination and place it front and center on their pages, like they can already do with any piece of music. Links can only come from certain partners, however: Cash App, GoFundMe, and If artists aren’t running their own fundraiser, they can also link out to any of the verified organizations participating in the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project.

The audio platform announced this fundraising feature last month, but it’s only officially launching today. Although this is the first iteration of this feature, it seems likely that it could make an impactful difference for artists. If someone visits an artist’s page every day and they see that fundraising link, they might be inclined to donate. At the very least, it builds awareness of a fundraiser in a place where people are most interacting with the musicians whose work they enjoy.