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Westworld gets renewed for a fourth season on HBO

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These violent delights will continue for another season

Photo: HBO

Westworld has been renewed for a fourth season, HBO announced today, meaning that the sometimes infuriatingly complicated science-fiction / Western series will continue to enthrall viewers with its violent delights for another season, via Variety.

The third season of the series was a reinvention of sorts, moving the action outside of the titular Westworld theme park and out into the “real” world, where the rebellious robots (namely, Evan Rachel Wood’s Delores) are working to ensure their ascension by eliminating mankind. Despite the new spin on the show, ratings for the series have plummeted compared to the previous two seasons, with viewers down 57 percent for the premiere this year compared to season 2.

Still, Westworld is one of HBO’s marquee franchises, and clearly the show is popular enough to justify a fourth season. There’s no word yet on when Westworld season 4 will premiere, but if the past seasons are any guide, it’ll be at least a year before it airs.