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Deck out your Switch with (not) an Animal Crossing skin that is (not) copyright infringement

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Close enough

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A Nintendo Switch is hard to come by these days; the limited Animal Crossing edition, even harder. Players who failed to snag the island-themed console can either fight over marked-up consoles from resellers or turn to customization options — like Dbrand’s (not) Animal Crossing skins for the system’s Joy-Cons and dock.

For $39.95, buyers can snag skins to redecorate their Switch, plus a microfiber cloth. The store is also selling scratch-proof tempered glass and a pro controller skin pack for an additional $9.95 and $12.95, respectively. “Take a close look at the design on the face of this Switch dock,” the site reads. “Is it copyright infringement? Lawyers we paid to say ‘no’ said ‘no.’ Lawyers not on our payroll disagree. That’s the exact gray area we’re counting on to get loads of free lawsuit-related press.” (Aw dang, they got me.)

Why does Timmy (or is that Tommy?) have a melting mouth? Why does Tom Nook look even more sinister than usual? Because you get what you pay for, I guess.

Like the actual Animal Crossing Switch, Dbrand’s offer is a limited drop, but don’t fret. There are always other ways to customize your Switch.