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How to watch Travis Scott’s Fortnite concerts

How to watch Travis Scott’s Fortnite concerts


You’ll have five opportunities to catch the show

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Rapper Travis Scott is hosting five concerts inside of Fortnite over the next three days, and Epic promises the show, titled “Astronomical,” will be “an other-worldly experience” with the world premiere of a new song. If the show is anything like last year’s in-game Marshmello concert, you can expect it to be a dazzling display of music, lights, and in-game dancing that will be unlike just about anything else in virtual entertainment right now.

If you want to catch one of the shows, here’s what you need to know.

When and where to watch

The first Astronomical concert happens today, April 23rd, at 7PM ET, and the other four shows will take place on Friday and Saturday so that people in other time zones and with different schedules have an opportunity to attend at a time that’s most convenient to them.

Epic says that the “doors” open 30 minutes before each show, so you should have plenty of time to hop into the game and grab a spot near the stage, which is north of Sweaty Sands. You may want to get into a game early in that 30-minute window, though, as there will be “capacity” for the shows, according to Epic. However, that capacity is likely to be in the millions, so you probably won’t run into issues.

Here are all of the showtimes.

  • Thursday, April 23rd, 7PM ET
  • Friday, April 24th, 10AM ET
  • Saturday, April 25th, 12AM ET
  • Saturday, April 25th, 11AM ET
  • Saturday, April 25th, 6PM ET

If you want to see the showtimes converted to your local time zone, check the schedule on Epic’s website.

And if you attend any of the concerts, you’ll get a free glider and two loading screens, pictured here:

The rewards for attending a show.
The rewards for attending a show.
Image: Epic

How to prepare

If you want to cop some concert “merch,” Epic has released a Travis Scott skin as well as Travis Scott-themed cosmetics and emotes that are available in the in-game item shop. Epic has also added Travis Scott-themed challenges that you can complete to earn a spray, a banner, a loading screen, and, if you complete the set, an emote. You’ll have until the end of the weekend to complete the challenges, and it seems likely the cosmetics will disappear from the item shop after the weekend’s over, too.

Travis Scott’s in-game cosmetics.
Travis Scott’s in-game cosmetics.
Image: Epic

How to watch if you can’t play

If you aren’t able to experience the shows in-game, you can expect a lot of streamers to be broadcasting them live. Here are a few streams to keep your eye on for a chance to watch the concert live: