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Gogoro’s first e-bike is coming to the US next month

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Eeyo electric bikes are then heading to Europe and Taiwan this summer

Eeyo is the new Gogoro e-bike brand.
Image: Gogoro

Electric scooter company Gogoro, founded by two former senior HTC designers and technologists, is about to launch its first electric bike under the new Eeyo sub-brand. It’s coming first to the US in May, before heading to Europe and the company’s home country of Taiwan sometime in the summer.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know right now, thanks to a teaser posted to Instagram and Twitter. But given the company’s history, our expectations are high.

Gogoro made a big splash with the launch of its first Smartscooter in 2015. The technologically advanced scooter not only looked great, it also featured an innovative battery-swap subscription service and an app that allowed you to personalize your ride. Gogogo riders simply pull up to any 24/7 GoStation to replace their depleted batteries in seconds. The company has since produced a variety of scooter designs that brought a touch of fun and style to two-wheeled culture in scooter-obsessed Taipei and beyond.

What does that tell us about the new Gogoro Eeyo e-bike? Well, nothing is certain, but Gogoro scooters are already steeped in tech found on premium e-bikes. Some examples include firmware-upgradable onboard computers, anti-theft systems like automatic locking and unlocking that use proximity or biometric keys, scratch-resistant finishes, integrated hub motors, Gates carbon belt drives, Panasonic battery cells, and hydraulic disc brakes. The company also had a longstanding relationship with Bosch.

Now is certainly a great time to buy an e-bike, assuming you can still afford one amid skyrocketing unemployment and financial uncertainty. With pandemic-stricken cities eager to get back to work in lieu of a vaccine, e-bikes are becoming more attractive alternatives for commuters hoping to avoid public transportation, keep the air clean, and exercise those lungs in the process.