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More than 12 million people attended Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert

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A record breaking performance

Travis Scott’s first virtual performance wasn’t just spectacular — it also broke a record. This evening developer Epic Games revealed that the concert, which took place inside of Fortnite, saw 12.3 million concurrent players participate. The developer says this is “an all-time record” for the battle royale game. The previous record holder was last year’s Marshmello concert, which topped 10.7 million virtual attendees.

While that’s a big number, many more people saw the concert outside of the game as well, thanks to streamers broadcasting it on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. And the total viewership will only grow over the coming days. For those who missed tonight’s show, there’s good news, as Scott’s performance is a mini world tour of sorts, with a handful of dates through the rest of the week. Check our how-to guide to find out how and when to catch the later performances.