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LG’s Velvet phone is coming on May 7th

LG’s Velvet phone is coming on May 7th


A new direction for LG begins next month

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LG’s new flagship phone, the Velvet, will be revealed in full on May 7th. The company posted a teaser video clip to its Korean YouTube channel evoking raindrops and a catwalk — a reference to the phone’s unusual camera layout and supposedly fashion-forward design.

Of course, LG has pretty much already announced the Velvet, sending out PR blasts on specific features ahead of time as it tends to do with all of its phones. We know this one has a “raindrop” triple-camera setup, a symmetrical curved-glass design, a Snapdragon 765 processor with built-in 5G, and a headphone jack.

What we don’t know is the all-important price, and when it might be available outside of South Korea. LG’s online event starts at 10AM KST, or 9PM ET May 6th.