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Dutch Royal family uses Microsoft Surface Pro devices

Yesterday was a national day of celebration in the Netherlands, Kings Day, a day that usually consists of big and small fairs, music festivals and cities all in orange with our national red, white and blue flag hanging from every house, celebrating the birthday of the Monarch. The royal family picks a different city every year to visit and join in with the celebrations.

But because of the intelligent lockdown our government has in place to battle the COVID-19 crisis things where different this year. It was a more intimate setting. The royal family opened their palaces to the viewers, they Skyped with frontline workers and common people instead (and did some other things) and Microsoft got some great free publicity in the process, because it happens to be that the House of Orange uses Microsoft Surface Pro devices.

It was watched by millions and all over the news sites in the Netherlands. So Microsoft got some free publicity and the fact that our princesses use Microsoft Surface devices would go a long way in making the devices more mainstream and cool across the general population here in the Netherlands!

I thought it was interesting to see them prefer Surface over iPads as I thought the King has a Mac in his work office!