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People can now host fundraisers over Instagram Live

People can now host fundraisers over Instagram Live


Donate directly from the stream

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Instagram is making it easier for people to raise money for nonprofits today by building a feature that’ll allow Live viewers to directly support approved organizations. Live stream hosts can decide what organization they want to support, and during their show, they’ll be able to see how much money has been raised as it’s happening, along with how many people are supporting the cause. They can also tap and view individual contributions if they want to shout people out or virtually wave at them. All proceeds go to the organizations; Instagram doesn’t take a cut.

Hosts can decide to make their live session a fundraiser from the onset. They just have to select to turn it into a fundraiser instead of a live. The company already offers a donation sticker for Stories, but this new functionality brings the idea to the newly popular live streams.

It isn’t surprising Instagram is continuing to build out features for Live. Earlier this month, the company said it’d streamline the process of moving a live video over to IGTV. At that time, it also said Instagram Live usage is up over 70 percent in the US, which likely has made the service a central focus.