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Epic Games is requiring customers to enable two-factor authentication to redeem free games

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Now until May 21st

Image: Epic Games

Epic Games will occasionally require users to enable two-factor authentication before redeeming free games on its digital storefront between now and May 21st.

The goal is to encourage “players to take steps to strengthen their Epic account security,” the company wrote in a blog post. To enable two-factor authentication, users have to log into the Epic Games Store and head into their account settings.

Two-factor authentication typically requires users to confirm their identities while logging into an account using a PIN sent to their email address or phone number. Having two-factor authentication activated provides an extra security measure to prevent your account from being compromised if your password is stolen.

In January 2019, a security flaw in Fortnite allowed hackers to access the Epic Games accounts of users who clicked a suspicious link. A few days ago, Nintendo acknowledged that 160,000 Nintendo accounts were impacted in hacking attempts, which started earlier this month.