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Google Fi temporarily doubles the data limit for customers to 30GB

Google Fi temporarily doubles the data limit for customers to 30GB


Data increases for both Flexible and Unlimited plan members

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google Fi has temporarily increased its high-speed data cap to 30GB per user. Customers who have either a Flexible or Unlimited plan will have access to the data limit increase at no additional charge.

Flexible plan users usually have 15GB of high-speed data, so this is a doubling of their typical cap. After they reach the limit, high-speed data will cost an additional $10 per GB for the remainder of the payment period. Unlimited plan members ordinarily get 22GB of full-speed data before their speeds are throttled down to 256 Kbps for the remainder of the billing period. Now, they’ll get full speeds until that 30GB limit is reached.

Last month, Google announced a grace period on payments, so Fi customers who are currently facing financial hardship will still have access to the tech giant’s phone service for an additional 60 days after missing a bill. 

While social distancing, people are using more data to stay connected with friends and family, work remotely, continue education, and other purposes. Most of the major phone carriers have announced similar initiatives: Verizon announced in late March that it’s providing all of its mobile customers with 15GB of extra data, AT&T announced it would waive some late payment fees, and T-Mobile removed mobile data caps for all customers in addition to providing its customers with 20GB of extra hotspot data.