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Sonos speakers can now play free audiobooks from your local library

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Thanks to new integration with Libby

You can now use your Sonos speaker to listen to free audiobooks from your local library, thanks to a new integration with OverDrive’s Libby app. After downloading the Libby app, you’ll be prompted to register with a valid library card. Then, the app can be connected to a Sonos system and used to play any available audiobooks. Progress syncs across devices, so you’ll be able to pick up where you left off if you’ve been listening elsewhere.

Libby isn’t the only source of audiobooks on Sonos (we’re looking at you Audible), but unlike other services, it’s available completely free. The downside is that your choice of audiobooks will be limited by what your local library has available. OverDrive says that Libby works with 90 percent of public libraries in North America.