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Stream the first episodes of three Quibi original shows for free on YouTube

Stream the first episodes of three Quibi original shows for free on YouTube


An even easier way to sample Quibi’s shortform shows

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Quibi has posted the first full episodes of three of its original series — Most Dangerous Game, The Stranger, and Dummy — to watch for free on YouTube for anyone looking to try out the new mobile-focused streaming service before signing up, via CNET.

The timing isn’t a coincidence: today is also the last day that interested customers can sign up for Quibi and receive the full 90-day trial. Starting on May 1st, any new sign-ups will get two weeks free. So if these previews interest you, you’ll want to sign up today.

April 30th is the last day to get a three-month free trial

It’s worth pointing out that posting the full first episode of a Quibi show is a less dramatic proposition than posting a traditional TV show to YouTube. After all, given the shortform nature of the service, each of these full episodes is under 10 minutes.

The three episodes also mark the first time that Quibi content has been available to watch on something other than a mobile device, although CEO Meg Whitman has said that the company is working to fast-track options for casting to a TV in the future. As such, the three episodes have each actually be posted twice: once in horizontal format and once in a vertical aspect ratio, although you obviously won’t be able to seamlessly switch between them like you can on the mobile app.

(Disclosure: Vox Media is partnered with Quibi on two shows, and there are discussions for a Verge show in the future.)