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New trailers: Snowpiercer, Normal People, The Innocence Files, and more

New trailers: Snowpiercer, Normal People, The Innocence Files, and more


It seems Quibi is almost here

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Photo: Netflix

One of the few small upsides to the current global mess is that a bunch of movies are hitting streaming services and rental platforms earlier than they otherwise would have: Emma., Onward, and Birds of Prey are on that list, among many others. 

Another that’s now streaming early on Hulu is Portrait of a Lady on Fire, which I caught last weekend. It’s a wonderful movie about two women slowly growing closer together over the course of about a week that they’re forced to spend together.

The movie revolves around painting, as the title suggests, but the film also does some really fascinating things with music. There are three moments in the movie where music plays, and in all three cases, you don’t see its origin (a piano, singers, an orchestra) until well after the music begins, if at all. It creates a very strange, untethered feeling. Is this sound really happening, or is it part of the score? There’s tension to simply figuring it out, and it adds an important, off-kilter element to a few particularly crucial scenes.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


TNT is turning Snowpiercer into a TV series, and so far it looks like it’ll be every bit as vibrant and violent as the movie adaptation. I’m hopeful it can take things even further, too — the movie speeds through so much of the train’s ritzier cars, leaving plenty more of this extravagant and divided world for the show to explore. The show debuts May 17th.

Normal People

Hulu has an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People coming up. It looks quiet and lovely and a little more like a movie than a TV series, for whatever that distinction is worth. The show debuts April 29th.

The Innocence Files

Netflix has produced more than its fair share of true crime shows, so it’s nice to see it presenting a different perspective of the justice system with The Innocence Files, which highlights eight people who were wrongfully convicted and the lengths it takes to get them out. The series comes out April 15th.

Selah and The Spades

After getting good reviews out of Sundance, this very stylish-looking high school drama about cliques, drugs, and the difficulties of being a teenager is heading to Amazon. It debuts April 17th.

Chrissy’s Court

While this show still very much holds to the rule that every Quibi series must sound like a fake show inside of 30 Rock, Chrissy’s Court is admittedly a great idea. It launches alongside Quibi on April 6th.

You Ain’t Got These

Lena Waithe is executive producing this series about sneakerheads and sneaker culture for Quibi. It’s one of the few Quibi series without an entirely ridiculous premise, and it looks like it could simply be a legitimately interesting show.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

This is purely a cheesy kids’ title adapted from a kids’ book, but the movie is narrated by Meryl Streep and its animation is downright charming. It comes to Apple TV Plus on April 17th.


The director behind Train to Busan is back with a sequel to the well-reviewed 2016 zombie film. It looks flashy, action packed, and a little more like Mad Max than a traditional zombie movie. There doesn’t appear to be a US release date just yet.

50 States of Fright

The Quibi trailers are in full swing this week with the service ready to launch on Monday. One of the more promising series is 50 States of Fright, a horror anthology executive produced by Sam Raimi that’s supposed to cover urban legends across the US.