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Nintendo scrambles to address Animal Crossing egg complaints

Nintendo scrambles to address Animal Crossing egg complaints


With eggcellent 1.1.4 patch

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
He wants a fish, but let’s face it, he’s probably just gunna get another egg.
Image; Nintendo

A new patch has been released for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and according to the patch notes it adjusts the amount of eggs that appear as part of the game’s Bunny Day event. Polygon reports that the amount of sky eggs appearing in the game seem to have fallen as a result of the patch, but that the amount of water eggs appear to be unchanged. Still, it’s great news for anyone being driven insane by the constant whooshing of eggs floating overhead.

For the benefit of anyone who’s not currently playing Animal Crossing (read: my editor), the game is currently in the midst of its in-game “Bunny Day” event. It started on April 1st, and runs until Easter Sunday on April 12th. As part of the event, eggs are randomly appearing in the game, which you can use to craft charming in-game items. The problem is that they’re appearing way too much. It’s impossible to fish without constantly catching water eggs, or to go mining without finding dozens of rock eggs. It’s eggscruciating. [Ed. note: Jon.]

If you want to gather lots of eggs to craft the special items, however, you’ll have to focus your efforts on the final day of the event on April 12th, when the patch notes say it’ll be over-easy to collect them. Sorry for all the egg puns, I love a good yolk. [Ed. note: Jon!]

It’s reassuring to see Nintendo take such a proactive approach to patching its latest game. Polygon notes that this is the fourth patch it’s issued for Animal Crossing in two weeks, and that most of the game’s early complaints are being dealt with quickly. Here’s to hoping Nintendo keeps it up as players proceed through the game’s content throughout the rest of the year.