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Headspace is letting people access free meditations and mindfulness exercises

Headspace is letting people access free meditations and mindfulness exercises


The landing page is designed with New Yorkers in mind

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Headspace is giving people free access to some of its mindfulness exercises, meditations, and sleep experiences. The company launched a new landing page today designed with New Yorkers, who are experiencing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, in mind. Headspace says the free offerings are the result of a partnership with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“From Buffalo to Long Island, Albany to the Lower East Side, this special NY collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises are here to support you through stressful and challenging times,” the website says. “Helping you — and your fellow New Yorkers — stay strong and be kind to yourselves, with a New York state of mind.”

Although the website is seemingly built for New Yorkers to use, anyone can access it, regardless of where they live. The website includes five meditations, three meditations for kids, and five sleep experiences, including music and soundscapes.

The company already is offering free access to its app’s premium content to health care providers. They can learn more about that and sign up here. Mental health has been a central discussion during the pandemic, particularly in New York. The state launched a mental health hotline with volunteer specialists. Elsewhere, therapists are using platforms, like Instagram, to help people work through and cope with their feelings.