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100 Thieves makes its entire apparel line available in Animal Crossing

Life sim meets streetwear

Photo: 100 Thieves

Apparel drops from 100 Thieves, a lifestyle and esports organization, are notoriously hard to get in on. Whenever the company releases a new hoodie or jersey, it sells out almost immediately. But there’s a new way to get some 100 Thieves gear, and it’s not only easy, but cheap: download it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Today, the company released virtual versions of every single piece they’ve released to date, spanning three years. As with all user-created items in New Horizons, you can download the designs for free by entering the proper creator code; the codes for all the gear can be found here, organized by the year the items were first released in the real world.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop users from making their own. The creation aspect is a huge part of New Horizons, and people have been making everything from team jerseys to band t-shirts. (I once spent an afternoon trying to recreate my favorite Toronto FC kit in the game, with less-than-ideal results.) But the sheer scale of 100 Thieves’ release is impressive. At the very least, it’ll give fans a chance to pick up some clothes they missed out on IRL — and without the big lines or price tag.