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Microsoft tweaks Xbox dashboard UI again as Series X launch nears

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A more simplified and customizable Xbox interface

Microsoft is making further tweaks to its Xbox One dashboard, just months ahead of the Xbox Series X launch. The software maker is now improving the Guide part of the Xbox One dashboard, which provides quick access to content, friends, and even settings when you tap the Xbox button on a controller. A new default order now means you navigate through the tabs in a left-to-right order and even fully customize how they’re ordered.

Party, messaging, and invites are all combined into a new “Parties & chats” tab, while settings, audio, and power options have now been moved to the “Profile & system” tab, which is displayed as your Xbox gamerpic. App and system notifications are grouped under a bell icon with other Xbox alerts, and the regular people tab now includes looking for group options.

New profile and system tab.

The Guide now feels like it has a more structured and simplified interface than before. Simplification is something Microsoft has been working toward this year as it approaches the Xbox Series X launch. While the software giant hasn’t confirmed exactly what the software will look like on the Xbox Series X, Microsoft did tease that the Guide and dashboard look identical to the Xbox One during recent reveal videos.

Xbox Series X dashboard in Microsoft’s recent videos.

Microsoft recently tweaked its Xbox One dashboard with a new home screen that better organizes content and offers more customization options. The Xbox One dashboard has undergone numerous changes in recent years, including a Fluent Design update back in 2017, a big redesign in 2015, and tweaks that focused on speed.

It’s clear Microsoft is making small and much-needed changes to the dashboard in preparation for the Xbox Series X launch later this year. The dashboard has often been criticized as confusing and messy, making it difficult for new Xbox One owners to navigate the console. Microsoft’s recent improvements go a long way toward improving that situation.