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No Man’s Sky has mech suits now, and you can pilot them in VR

No Man’s Sky has mech suits now, and you can pilot them in VR


Get in the robot, Shinji

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No Man’s Sky is continuing its post-release update renaissance with yet another free content update, which adds a new vehicle to the game: the Exo Mech. Because why explore new planets on foot when you could explore them in a giant mech suit?

Officially, the new mech is the latest addition to No Man’s Sky’s fleet of Exocraft, smaller vehicles that players can unlock and build to explore planets. The Minotaur (the in-game name for the mech) is designed to offer players a way to explore that protects from things like high temperatures, harmful radiation, and other perils of space. Unlike other vehicles, players will still be able to use their mining laser while in the mech, making it far more viable for harvesting resources in hazardous areas.

Also, it has a jetpack. Because jetpacks are cool.

The Minotaur Exo Mech also fully supports No Man’s Sky’s VR modes on PC and PS4, allowing players to pilot their mechs in first-person from the cockpit, complete with 3D data readouts, which is a neat addition.

The Exo Mech update is available today in No Man’s Sky. In addition to the new vehicle, it also adds a variety of other improvements and bug fixes, detailed in the official patch notes here.

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