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Facebook launches an app for couples to talk to each other

Facebook launches an app for couples to talk to each other


Keep a photo diary and check in on each other’s moods

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First, Facebook launched a dating feature, and now, a small group within the company has launched an app designed for couples. The New Product Experimentation team’s app, called Tuned, encourages couples to create an intimate social network between just each other. From the iOS-only app, they can share their mood, exchange music, and create a digital scrapbook. It’s billed as a “private space” for both people to connect.

The app, as first spotted by The Information, connects to Spotify for music sharing, and a couple can send each other photos, notes, cards, and voice memos. They can also use custom stickers and reactions. It’s free to use and seemingly doesn’t require a Facebook account, although users are subject to Facebook’s data rules, meaning the data people provide can be used for ad targeting.

Generally, this app doesn’t seem much different than any other social network where people can chat directly with one another. You could, for example, send each other memos or voice notes with photos on any messaging app, but having a space solely dedicated to daily relationship maintenance could be helpful. Other relationship apps have created similar experiences with some offering activities or therapy techniques to practice.

The NPE team, which launched last summer, has already created a meme-making app, as well as one similar to Pinterest. Neither of these has gotten much promotional love from Facebook, so presumably, the company won’t do a major push for Tuned either. Still, it’s interesting to see Facebook experiment publicly with building apps for smaller social network connections, like it did with Threads, as well as Close Friends on Instagram.