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Twitch is expanding Watch Parties beta to all partners, then all US creators after

Now, you can watch stuff on Amazon Prime with your favorite streamers

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitch announced today that it’s bringing its beta version of Watch Parties, which allows streamers to broadcast Prime Video content, to all of its partners — and then all American creators. That means every streamer in the US on Twitch will be able to watch Prime content with their viewers, regardless of whether they’re a Twitch Partner. The company plans to bring Watch Parties worldwide eventually, with more news coming in the next few months.

While the selection available in Watch Parties is highly curated — you can watch things like Jack Ryan and Star Trek, among many others — the feature is genuinely useful, as it’s a solution to the now-global problem of figuring out how to watch something with other people (without running afoul of copyright claims). Subs and bits are enabled during Watch Parties, so viewers can chat, drop donations, and subscribe just as they would during a normal stream.