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Zoom in style in a sci-fi ship decimating coronavirus particles

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The Verge art team in group flight.

It’s been more than a few weeks now that many of us have been forced to use Zoom for communication. In that time, really creative backgrounds for Zoomers have popped up. There are lots of options out there right now, and lots of people are getting in on the game. But yesterday Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, dropped what might be the coolest (at least IMHO) so far.


Now instead of some random photo of an island getaway, you can sit in the 3D rendering of a super futuristic craft cockpit traveling through micro-space. On either side of you are laser canons that will decimate coronavirus particles as you get through your morning huddle. There is so much amazing detail in this animated scene you never really feel like it’s looping.

You can download the MOV file that Winkelmann has shared for free here, and here you can learn how to change the background in Zoom by using the “virtual background” option in the app’s settings. If you want to read or see more from Beeple, we interviewed him a few months ago and of course you can check out his website!